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What is the Loveidemic?

It is a movement committed to change. The world is filled with negativity, greed, violence, and hate. And the cure is love. We believe in promoting the spread of true love through various forums. Our movement is dedicated to educating, marketing, and demonstrating the true, unconditional love of Jesus Christ.

I'm not a Christian. Can I still join?

Absolutely. Read our blogs, accept our challenges, follow our social media, wear our products, and allow this amazing love to truly infect you. It will change your life.

Is this self-promotion?

Our goal is to promote Jesus. We believe that promoting Him and His love will help save a lost and dying world. We felt led to start this movement, but Love-idemic is about promoting change, not individuals.

This seems like a purely Christian movement. Is that really what love is all about?

Christianity is not a religion. It is a relationship with the Divine, freely offered to all because of the supreme act of love by the person Jesus Christ. The love of Jesus is the most powerful force in the universe. There is no love that compares to it. As it spreads, it will heal the sick, mend the brokenhearted, comfort the afflicted, restore the broken to wholeness, bless the poor, and raise the dead. His was a selfless, life-giving love beyond comprehension.

This seems superficial. The world needs "real" change.

In my lifetime, I've experienced many things and true love is more real than any of them. We let hate dictate all the time. Why can't love?

Some people hate love.

We hope that our light can overcome darkness and that our love can break the rock that has formed around the hardhearted.

Why is 1 John 4:8 your motto?

The Bible talks a lot about love, but this scripture specifically defines God as love. It also gives us a call to love one another. There's nothing more important than that.

Why associate love with a term like "epidemic"?

Epidemics spread so quickly they cannot be explained or controlled. We want to spread love in the very same manner. And, like a disease, we believe love will immediately change your life.

Aren't there more "mature" causes than love?

No. If everyone in the world found the love of Jesus, all of the evil and darkness would disappear. Love is so powerful that the Bible says that even though all other things pass away, it never ends.

I'm only one person. What can I do?

Martin Luther reformed the Church. Martin Luther King, Jr. helped heal our nation. Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery. Mother Teresa changed the world. Jesus Christ paid for our sin, our atonement, and our freedom; He gave us access to the throne of Heaven. Usually, one person does change the world. We challenge you to show love in your world and watch it change. We love to say, "A small spark starts a big fire."

Love Enemies.

Love Neighbors.

Love God.

The Loveidemic starts with me.

1 John 4:8

Join the Loveidemic!

We need people like you who are willing to be a part of our movement! Let's be a light in a dark world and show Jesus' unconditional love to others. Let's love God, love our neighbors, and love our enemies, too! If you're in and you want to be "infected," sign up below to receive email updates from The Loveidemic. Showing love is contagious so you'll want to let others know about this site.

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Love Enemies.

Love Neighbors.

Love God.

The Loveidemic starts with me.