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"Some people wanna fill the world with silly love songs." We're those people, only, our goal isn't to fill the world with love songs, but with love (and if there are songs that help along the way, that's even better!). Not superficial, general love either. We're talking about bold, earth-shattering, life-changing L-O-V-E! The sort of love that is patient and kind, isn't envious or boastful, that isn't self-seeking, but hopeful.


The Loveidemic is about infecting others with enough love that it begins to spread, and eventually, fills the entire world. When that happens, when we truly learn to love our neighbors, our enemies, and our God, then the world will become a much better place. And what's best of all is that love never ends! So, join us! Get infected with love and help us change the world!

Our name, the Loveidemic, comes from our belief that love is contagious. Our desire is for love to begin to spread like an epidemic and to overcome the negativity and hatred that currently resides in the world. We should all be so lucky as to get infected.


The reason we chose a circle as a representation of our movement is because a circle, like true love, goes on forever without end. The best example of love that we show as humans is in our marriage covenant. That love is, or should be, self-sacrificing, dutiful, and encouraging and is marked by the exchange of rings. We want our ring to be a metaphorical symbol of our covenant to love our fellow man as Christ loved us.

Kayla was raised in rural western Kentucky, where you drink sweet tea, use your manners, and go to church on Sunday. She is currently coauthoring a book with her husband, Nathan, called Big Fat Lies. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree from Murray State University in 2010 and with a Master's degree in May 2018. She is currently an English teacher in the same public school district she attended as a student. As a public school teacher, she has witnessed firsthand the lack of love that exists in young people. They aren't familiar with the God who loves them more than anything and, because of this, they aren't able to love and don't feel loved. She remembers feeling the same way as a younger version of herself and wants to help educate others about the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. With this in mind, and wanting to make a difference in her students' lives and in others' lives, the Loveidemic happened.

Nathan is an author of both fiction and nonfiction. He is a contributor for AmosMag.com and formerly the author of The Utility Blog. His books include The Killer and Boyd Burgess and Big Fat Lies, which he is currently coauthoring with his wife, Kayla. Nathan is the son of a charismatic minister, who was practically raised in church. He also received a Catholic secondary school education. He graduated from Murray State University with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration in 2007. He has lived in upstate New York, rural western Kentucky, and suburban Detroit, and all of those experiences have led him to one central belief: the love of Jesus is the greatest power in the entire universe. His love heals diseases, restores wholeness, pays for our freedom, and is our salvation. The Loveidemic is a reflection of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Our Founders and Their Stories
1 John 4:8

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We need people like you who are willing to be a part of our movement! Let's be a light in a dark world and show Jesus' unconditional love to others. Let's love God, love our neighbors, and love our enemies, too! If you're in and you want to be "infected," sign up below to receive email updates from The Loveidemic. Showing love is contagious so you'll want to let others know about this site.

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Love Enemies.

Love Neighbors.

Love God.

The Loveidemic starts with me.